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Delivering customizable pre-engineered metal buildings nationwide, Northern State Steel offers high-quality products and services. Our experienced team works closely with you to ensure your building perfectly aligns with your requirements. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we strive to provide superior, long-lasting structures. Contact us today to begin your project.

A diagram showing the structure of a Northern State Steel building.

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A 3d rendering of a Northern State Steel metal roof structure.

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Turning Dreams Into Reality

A 3D model of a building with a steel frame, designed with Northern State Steel expertise in metal building systems.

Warehouse & Office

A 3D model of a house with metal framing, designed using Northern State Steel's Metal Building Systems.


A 3D rendering of a metal roof structure by Northern State Steel.

Solar Array

A 3d model of a Northern State Steel structure on a white background.

Residential Shop

A 3D drawing of a wooden house with a roof incorporating Metal Building Systems.


A 3d drawing of a Northern State Steel structure.

Residential Storage

A 3D model of a steel structure designed by Northern State Steel.

Aircraft Hanger

A 3D image of a steel structure by Northern State Steel on a white background.