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What to Expect

We will  design a building that fits your needs based on your intended use as well as the location of your site.

Engineered drawing for both foundation and the structure can be provided. Project management is also available upon request. 

Once you have received your permit the buildings fabrication will start. 


  • I-Beam Design

  • Inset Wall Gerters

  • Structural Warranty

  • Roof Material Warranty

  • Sheeting Paint Warranty


Building Components

  • Engineered Drawings

  • Specifications

  • Colored Wall Sheeting

  • Galvanized Roof Sheeting 

  • Trim Package

  • Framed Openings

  • Sealant & Fasteners

  • Delivery 


  • Durability

  • Non-combustible

  • Quick installation

  • Minimal to no maintenance

  • No Sales Tax

Additional Accessories  & Services

  • Doors

  • Insulation

  • Skylights

  • Ventilation

  • Gutters & Downspouts

  • Anchor Bolts

  • Foundation drawings

  • Installation  


Weaverville, CA 96093


Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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