Navigating the Online Metal Building Designer

Orbit the Camera View: To get a comprehensive view of your steel building design, click and drag anywhere on the screen with your left mouse button.

Pan the Camera View: To adjust the focus of your building design, click and drag anywhere using your right mouse button.

Zoom In/Out: Use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in or out, allowing you to see specific details more clearly.

Help Feature: If you need assistance during the design process, click the “Help” button located in the corner of the screen.

Input Your Dimensions for Building Size

Adjust Building Dimensions: Use the dimension handle to modify the size of your metal building.

Change Roof Slope: Adjust the slope of your roof using the roof pitch handle.

Toolbar Customization: The toolbar allows you to customize building length, leg height, width, and roof type properties.

Features of the Online Metal Building Design Tool

Edit the Metal Building Planner: Use the toolbar to adjust general building properties such as color and sheeting type. Choose from 24 colors to customize the look of your metal structure.

Edit Walls and Roof: Click the “Edit” button on the model to specifically modify a wall or the roof.

Edit Single Bay: To change the properties of a single bay, first click the “Edit” button on a wall, then select the “Edit” button on the bay.

Lean-To Design Tool Configuration

Lean-To Button: Add or remove a lean-to by clicking the lean-to button located at the bottom of the building sidewall.

Individual Bays: To add a lean-to to specific bays only, activate the “Individual Bays” switch in the toolbar.

Managing Openings: Custom Metal Building Design Tool

Choose Opening Type: Select the type of opening from the toolbar and click “Add” to start placing an opening in your steel building.

Place Opening: Click on a wall where you want to place the opening.

Edit Existing Openings: Click the “Edit” button on an existing opening to modify it.

Adding Mezzanine Floors with the 3D Metal Building Designer

Mezzanine Switch: Activate the “Mezzanine” switch in the toolbar to include a mezzanine floor in your building design.

Set Height: Adjust the height of the mezzanine floor using the toolbar controls.

Prop Placement: Real-World Objects for Scale

Add New Prop: Click the prop icon in the toolbar to start adding a new prop for scale reference.

Place and Edit Props: To place a new prop, click anywhere within the 3D design space. Click on an existing prop to edit it.