Custom Engineered Residential Metal Buildings

Efficiently Managing & Executing Residential Projects

Customizable & Pre-Engineered

As Quickly As 4-6 Week Turnaround

Ship To All 50 States

Prefabricated Metal Buildings


Contractors, architects, and developers collectively appreciate the array of pre-engineered metal buildings manufactured by Northern State Steel, leading to the creation of residential structures that are both architecturally pleasing and highly functional.

Because of their high level of customization, our prefabricated metal structures are meticulously designed by our team to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Not to mention the economic benefits of the building system become even more evident when considering the rapid construction speed of these structures, presenting a comprehensive package that encompasses aesthetics, quality, and cost-effectiveness for all parties involved.

For our partners seeking to establish a budget and undergo a review by local jurisdictions, we can mitigate delays associated with metal building manufacturers in these steps by providing a comprehensive building packet.

Residential Applications

Some residential applications include:

  • Home Shops
  • Metal Garages
  • Barns
  • Custom Metal Homes
  • Custom Metal ADUs
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Residential Building Components

Opting for Northern State Steel in your structural design provides a chance to choose from a variety of residential building accessories. Create a distinctive, customized, and practical building of your choice with a broad selection of interior and exterior metal building components to consider:


  • Sectional Doors
  • Walk Doors
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Bi-Fold Doors
  • Storefront Doors


  • Skylights
  • 1′-4′ Door Overhangs
  • Perimeter Overhang
  • Light Transmitting Panels
  • Windows


  • Steel Mezzanine
  • Portal Frames
  • Framed Openings
  • Main Frame Endwalls
  • Crane Systems


  • Roof, Wall and Trim Color
  • GenStone Faux Stone Siding
  • Stucco Panels
  • Colored Wainscot
  • Cupolas


  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Insulation
  • Liner Panel
  • Ridge Vents
  • Louver Vents

Customer Reviews

Paul was great. I asked for a quote including doors insulation and rain gutters the quote included the full cost other companies only sent the cost of the building and I had to request the added cost of the add one again from others. He answered all my questions and even brought out larger samples of colors so we could see them at the site. I’m very satisfied with the price, which was the least expensive and the time he took to help in other areas.
Karin Zurn
Karin Zurn
I finally found the time, and I would like to say thank you to North State Steel! I’m not in a position to purchase until the first of the year, however Paul has continued to treat me as if I already wrote NST a check. Thank you for all of your help! From answering all of my questions to filling me in on info I completely overlooked. I can’t wait for the first of the year. Thank you again!
Coach Craig
Coach Craig
“Exceptional experience with Northern State Steel. Their metal buildings are top-notch in quality. The entire process, from design to installation, was smooth and efficient. Paul did what he said he would do, and the team’s expertise and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. Highly recommend for anyone in need of a reliable metal building solution.”
Chriss Berkley
Chriss Berkley
Great service and attention to detail. Shop turned out great
Kris Arnold
Kris Arnold